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Hannah Sommerville

My Friend Ernest
Hannah Sommerville illustrates Emma Allen's story, about the joy of making friends from the first day at school.

Published January 2016 by Harper Collins

Tania Ingram

Jinny & Cooper
Warning! These stories contain magic, witches, talking animals (well, at least one), potato charms, salt circles, bad acting, and a huge amount of fun!
For Jinny, it's not easy owning Cooper, her annoying talking, disappearing guinea pig with a love of biscuits and a talent for sniffing out trouble.

Published by Penguin February 2016

View Youtube Trailer for "Teacher".

Oliver Phommavanh

The Other Christy
My name is Christy but nobody calls me that. I'm in the same class with another girl named Christie, so I've become just the other Christy. Not the popular, loud one everyone likes.
A touching and funny tale from the ever-popular Oliver Phommavanh about quirky families, sweet desserts and two girls who find out they have a lot more in common than just their name.

Published June 2016 by Penguin Random House Australia

Graeme Innes

Finding A Way
"I learned from my family that most things could be achieved - the challenge was finding a way."
Blind from birth, Graeme Innes was blessed. Because he had a family who refused to view his blindness as a handicap and who instilled in him a belief in his own abilities. Because he had the determination to persevere when obstacles were put in his way.

Published by University of Queensland Press June 2016